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March 21 2017

Who’s ready to bang some alieeeeeeeeeens?!

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A romance scene with Jaal

Spoilers, so watch at your own risk

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look at those legs, damn

fuck you bioware lol


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unless this is another kaidan situation jaal is straight.

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Mass Effect Andromeda Romance Options

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I got mass effect andromeda 😁

March 20 2017

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America in 4 pictures

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tinykitchentm on IG



being the only white person in your friend group



make no mistake i love the ocean with my whole heart but deep water terrifies me so much.. what’s goin on down there? nothing i want to be a part of


Nothing in this world stresses me out more than opening up the Facebook app and seeing an array of my booty pics at the top of the screen asking me if I “wish to post pictures from camera roll” like Mark why did you ever think that was a good idea? I’m gonna fuck around one day and expose my entire self to my family.


I had a bad day but then I watched 5 hours of television and absorbed the personalities & problems of television characters so I am doing good now

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