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August 08 2017

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how i see myself in 10 years

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The ending to Sabrina the Teenage Witch is so underappreciated because you follow her throughout highschool with her first love/bf Harvey, and then they break up and she goes off to college and gets a new bf and then they eventually break up and then she graduates and starts her career and then she meets someone else and falls in love and they get engaged and she’s about to get married and she realizes that they’re not soulmates and runs out of the church and guess who’s waiting for her on his mother fucking motorcycle after like 7 seasons while Running by No Doubt plays in the background? Harvey mother fucking first love/bf kinkle! Like how fucking satisfying was that ending. They both grew apart and lived their lives and dated different people and in the end, they still found their way back together.

I wish I could find a way to watch old Nickelodeon classics and not just rugrats, hey Arnold or ren and stimpy. I mean Kablam, angry beavers, aaah real monsters and older things too like Nick arcade, finder keeper, original double dare. All those old relics that I watched on reruns. Hell I’d even like to watch old 00’s shows I used to watch growing up.

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commander and absolute babe of the inquisition

available on redbubble

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i joined a quickplay game and a dude playing as junkrat with hayseed’s skin goes “is anyone else drinkin water right now” and i went “i’m drinkin coke” and he goes “what kinda coke, coke zero, diet coke, what” and i went “just coke” and he goes “a classic… an original… i can dig it. let’s hold down this point bitches”

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resident badass

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do u ever get those days where u actually look kinda ok and u take 400 selfies bc this day may never come again


i’ve had really intense conversations w/other millennials about how Spongebob Squarepants was literally one of the smartest shows on television bc it used its absurdist narrative to explain adult concepts to children while also pointing out how Dumb and Pointless adult society is so how you should just have fun with your friends and do what you like

when I was growing up every single fucking adult I spoke to HATED spongebob squarepants. there were entire articles written about how spongebob squarepants killed brain cells and this fuFkcng yellow sponge was teaching kids to be Gay and looking back at the Spongebob Scare is still the funniest shit ever because they were literally SO mad that every single kid loved this fucking happy yellow sponge and his sea critter friends, they never even noticed the dirty jokes or commentary on capitalism they were just mad because they thought Spongebob Squarepants was turning us Gay and also killing us slowly

it was Wild

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Rihanna Crop Over Looks 2011-2013-2015-2017 (click pics to enlarge)


british person: wot is ur fauvourouriute coulourur? x
me: chill

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Danielle Brooks

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