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October 25 2017


population growing: measly peasant who can barely afford a two story home

wild world: still poor but now you can have roommates and a bigger house and also flea markets


new leaf: Hell im mayor now and I went broke doing ppw

hhd: getting a job to pay off nearly 15 years of debt


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I approve of this new Animal Crossing universe in which Tom Nook finally crosses over into demanding your real-ass money

Robert Downey Jr. Blows the Whistle on Elite Hollywood Pedophile Ring





Movie star Robert Downey Jr. has made a shocking revelation and lifted the lid on a major Hollywood pedophile ring that connects powerful Elites “all over the globe”.The Iron Man star has gone on the record to expose a huge network of pedophilia, prostitution, and human trafficking that involves a whole host of, what he calls, “sick f*cks”.

Not only has he named some well known Hollywood celebrities, but he’s also ousted one of the most powerful people in America, who he says is a “Rosetta Stone of every perversion from Hwood all over the globe” and provides depraved services for “Arabs, Wall Street, DC, Royals, and Hollywood elites”.

Mr. Downey is one of a long line of stars to come forward to expose pedophilia in politics and the entertainment industry, but up to know, he’s been the most forth coming with names and details.

In a statement, he said one of his reasons is that he wants to “right some wrongs”, adding:

“I have no issue with ANYTHING people voluntarily do in their private life as long as it is consenting - (kids and animals cannot consent!), and NOT hurting another mentally or physically.”

Robert Downey Jr. stunning exposé states:

I am a FORMER personal “friend” of a woman named Diana Jenkins. Doubt you know her, but she’s the Rosetta Stone of every scandal and perversion from Hwood all over the globe. She’s an Uber-wealthy divorcee whose hubby ran UK’s Barclay’s bank - and she ran the Arab investors for the bank! She’s been running a high-class call girl/party-girl ring for Arabs, Wall Street, DC, Royals, and Hollywood elites. 

She’s also a MAJOR philanthropist, arts supporter, political donor, and social hostess to EVERYONE. Her best Hwood pals include Sean Penn, Clive Davis[Whitney Houston’s mentor], Ari Emanuel, George Clooney, Cindy Crawford, and her “little pet” named Hayden [Hayden “Leslie P” Panettiere]. Diana is the connector of wealthy Arabs and Asians and Athletes with Hwood actresses/models. She also is a sick and twisted b*tch. When Hayden and her own Mommy went on the outs, Diana Jenkins took that place in her life, by Hayden’s choice.

Leslie P. is not just a poor victim in this train wreck. Trust me. She’s at LEAST 50% responsible (if not more) for encouraging, enabling, and at times even participating in her hubby’s twisted fucking life. Leslie’s kinks cross the line into depravity, illegality, and inhuman sickness. As in Ryan ONeal, John Phillips, Tish Cyrus, and Dan Schnieder territory. 

(Far worse than Pimpa Joe Simpson!)She’s not just had chances to stop it or walk away with the kids, but she elected to not protect her kids - and give in to the hedonistic sickness in her bedroom (all for her own greed). You think Dina Lohan is bad?

It’s easy to argue that Hayden is forever a victim which drives her own insane life choices - and I’m not a psychologist - but she has taken it further into becoming a willing perpetrator of it (and saying she loves it). Not just the physical and mental violence she enjoys, but her insatiable appetite for the most bizarre shit she can indulge in to “top” herself. She was offered help by some who genuinely cared for her and worried for her. She mocked them and tore off on her own streak. Now? She craves it and considers nothing taboo. NOTHING! Just ask Mario Lopez.

According to Jezebel, Robert Downey Jr. has also made allegations about the sexual perversions of actor turned Nickelodeon producer Dan Schneider and implications that Diana Jenkins’ coffee table book Room 23 is actually a catalog of clients and call girls.

He went on to follow up on his statement on a positive note by declaring that there are also good people in Hollywood and even gave a list of name of those who are “no saints” but are NOT pedophiles, saying:

There are some AWESOME and GOOD people in Hollywood. Sadly, you don’t get ink for being good. (That’s twisted, yes I know).But consider Hwood as a microcosm of the world: Recall the Your Turn about the gross/sick teacher pedos? 

You knew TONS of them right? But imagine trying to list the GOOD and moral teachers? Would take forever.

On the news, each day, all we hear are BAD THINGS and bad people. It’s what sells and intrigues. We ALL love Blinds and gossip because we’re human. 

Flawed, but human. Sometimes you just need to realize that Hwood is no more fucked up than the rest of the world - we just get more coverage - in a 24/7 scandal cycle.So yes, a few awesome Hwood people I know personally: (They have flaws and are not perfect, but they are GREAT people who are the opposite of the other sick fucks):

David Kelley John Hughes (was the best)

 Natasha Gregson 

Wagner Bryan Lourd 

Neil Patrick Harris 

Jon Hamm 

Guy Ritchie 

Tommy Lee Jones 

Susanna Hoffs 

Kevin Kline & Phoebe Cates 

Drew Barrymore 

Steve Martin 

Rachel McAdams 

Bob Kosberg

 Sofia Coppola 

Zoe Cassavetes 

Moon Zappa 

Brad Pitt 

John Favreau 

Amber Heard

Jerry Bruckheimer

Molly Ringwald

Tom Hanks

Rob Reiner

Susan Downey 

Will Staeger 

Miranda Cosgrove 

Seth Macfarlane 

Richard Lovett 

Johnny Depp 

Akiva Goldsman 

Alan Horn 

Elton John 

Kate Beckinsale

Ron Meyer 

and yes…even Mel Gibson (faults and all.) 

And about 2,000 other people whose names you’d never recognize. They’re not angels, and not perfect - neither am I. But they are REAL people who know what it means to be a real friend. :-)

Who is Diana Jenkins?

One of the major players in Robert Downey Jr. exposé was a woman named Daina Jenkins.Sanela Diana Jenkins is a Bosnian-born former refugee who was married to a top banker and former head of Barclays bank in the UK, Roger 

Allan Jenkins.According to Mr. Jenkins’ Wikipedia page:

In 2008 he played a key role in a £7.3 billion investment in Barclays made by the ruling families of Abu Dhabi and Qatar, and by the Qatari sovereign wealth fund. Since 2011 he has been a member of the Management Committee and Investment Committee of the Brazilian investment bank BTG Pactual.

Estimates suggested that in 2005 Jenkins made somewhere between £40 million and £75 million, making him reputedly the highest paid banker in the City of London.

Diana Jenkins has since divorced Roger Allen Jenkins and relocated to California where she has established herself as one of the most powerful and influential people in America, yet, has somehow remained in the shadows.She is a major investor and project stakeholder in the Clinton Foundation, and in March 2010, she raised more than $1 million for Bill and Hillary Clinton’s “charitable” organization.Ms. Jenkins was also named in the Congressional Pay-to-Play Clinton Foundation inquiry letter.

It has also been alleged that she is connected to global human trafficking networks, and if what Mr. Downey is saying is correct, she may be one of the biggest players in the largest trafficking and pedophilia rings in the United States, if not the world.Robert Downey Jr. coming forward in this way has been an extremely brave move and a sign that the veil is slowly being lifted.

In recent times, other celebrities such as Corey Haim, Corey Feldman, Brad Pitt, and Elija Wood, to name just a few, have spoken up to warn the public about the abuse that is being suffered at the hands of wealthy, powerful Elites.

FOR MORE SEE > Brad Pitt: ‘Elite Hollywood Pedophiles Control America’

Holy shit

What a fucking read

the only tea im drinking, fam

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For them 25-35 year olds thirty thot thots

Your life must really suck huh?

How do u even know who you want to spend your whole damn life with in your early 20s not to mention being able to afford kids so yall are well off? Nah you can shackle yourself to offspring that early if you want, I rather save money and live life lol

Why do ppl think it’s okay to force their life decisions on other ppl and judge them by it? Most of my friends have kids+ marriage and are going through financially or emotionally bc they’re worked to death. The other ones are single mom’s who are tired of trying to “make it work” with their kids’ father. My 20s aren’t filled with thotting, but I’m for damn sure not going to go out and have kids just bc everyone else is. Let ppl live damn.

God forbid I wanna make sure I’ve dated enough to know who the right one for me would be.

To have kids, I have to find someone who will like me for me and I’m not having any kids before I’m married

We can let the people want to get married early get married and the people who want to thot, thot and mind our own individual businesses.

I don’t ever want children I want to thot forever thank you

I feel like people like this deep down are mad because they chose to settle down too early and wish they was out living life.

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Yeah I was 28 years, 6 months, 2 weeks, and 2 days old when I found this out

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sniff sniff its capitalism


If you win THIS auction item, you have the sole right to food. Everyone else…… improvise….

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Bob’s Burgers: The Silence of the Louise (2017) // The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

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I just imagined a jeopardy category of solely vine references

“I’ll take vines for $200 alex”

“hurricane Katrina… more like ____”

“What is hurricane tortilla?”

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Me as a villain.

#relationship goals 

#life goals

October 24 2017

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As a 90′s kid, it blows my mind that origami youtube videos exist. You can look up any model and watch a pair of manicured hands assemble the thing in real time, in full color, in 3D, with cheerful flute music in the background. When I was little, you had a library book with no words and these esoteric little dotted lines and arrows and it was just you, your hands, your paper, and the cruel, uncaring eyes of God.

October 23 2017

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Been waiting forever for this!!!


U know how in winter it gets so cold and u think u will never be hot again and in summer it gets so hot u think u will never be cold again I think that is how it is with ur feelings like when u r sad u think u will never be happy and when u r happy u think u will never be sad. But u will be hot again and u will be cold again and u will be sad again but most of all u will be happy again

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Beetlejuice (1988) dir. Tim Burton

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